Getting To Know Us

The who, how and why.

Blooming Women, Inc. was born from the realization that the evolution of a woman’s journey these days is much like following a map with no street names.

Women go to school and learn about many subjects. They learn that they can be and do just about anything they want. Yet, women are not taught how to deal with society’s peer pressures. They are not taught how to manage their careers, balance family and other people’s needs with their own, they are not taught to prepare themselves financially, emotionally, and physically for roads that will have many unmarked turns, dead ends, and circles that lead to nowhere.
Blooming Women, Inc. is all about helping two distinct groups of women:

The Professional Women: Our passion is to provide a forum for professional women to network, grow their businesses, learn key information to succeed in this role, and to make life long circles of support and friendship.

The Young Generation of Women: We want to mentor high school and college age women with the life lessons that we, baby boomers, had to learn the hard way. We want to pass on the wealth of knowledge, life skills, and lessons that will empower them to make wiser decisions and manage life’s de-railings in a more productive way.

Blooming Women, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c (6) organization. We offer many networking, educational, and support events in Montgomery County, Maryland and in Springfield, Virginia and other areas of Northern Virginia.

We are devoted to creating a culture where every woman that comes in contact with us will experience an environment that is welcoming, transparent, supportive, and truly dedicated to their empowerment.

We are two women. A mother and a daughter team. A baby boomer and a millennial. We want to welcome you into our world, where we will work relentlessly so that you may bloom along with the rest of us.

Meet The Team

About Us
Maria A. Ryan
Maria defines herself as a woman of purpose and passion. She is not interested in her bio telling her story of professional achievements, or educational background. Maria values in herself what she values in people: how we all choose to live to make each one of us matter.

She came to the USA at age 15 and learned English from scratch. She got married when she was 21, and went on to have five children. During her marriage, Maria became a foster parent for Montgomery County for 15 years and adopted two of the children that round up the set of five. She worked full time, and her ex-husband and she paid their way through college, advanced in their careers tremendously, and built a loving and supportive home for their family. Maria went on to start a business in the area of corporate identity development and web design, strategy, and marketing. She learned first-hand how to manage, grow, and overcome the challenges that come with being a business owner.

Maria is now President of Animus Web Design, where she can use her passion, talent, and experience to help companies grow by getting and retaining customers via their websites.

Maria is the founder of Professional Women’s Pride, and co-founder of Blooming Women, Inc. She hopes to help others by sharing all she has learned in her journey as a woman, mother, and business owner, She also desires to inspire others to regularly mentor younger women.

About Us
Celina A. Ryan
Organizational Development
My name is Celina Ryan and I am my mother’s daughter (with a twist of my dad). I’m a dreamer, an achiever, a creator, and an activator. I have my mom’s free spirit and my dad’s drive to succeed. Currently, I am an internal Human Resources trainer at American University (AU), where I help create a culture of innovation and high performance.

I earned my master of science in Organization Development (MSOD) at American University in August 2013. I earned a bachelor of arts with a double major in Communications and Spanish from Salisbury University in 2007.

Prior to AU, I have worked in non-profit management of afterschool programs including the Boys & Girls Club and Wonders Child Care Center. I think of myself as a big kid at heart. My goal is to empower educators and students to live their best life.  I feel a deep connection with Blooming Women’s mission; I want to help mentor those who are younger, gain wisdom from those who are more experienced, and connect the two worlds to encourage a continuous cycle of learning.