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Laurie Rackas

Cre8tive Content Works, LLC

web content development / writing / editing


Blooming Women asked Laurie:

“What do you love best about having your own business?”
The flexibility it offers me. Some people thrive in a traditional office environment, with predictable working hours and the perks that come with being an employee (benefits, paid vacation, etc.). I’m just not one of those people. I get restless if I have to show up at the same place at the same time, day after day. Being a morning person, I like to get up early, have a strong cup of coffee, and launch right into my work. People sometimes ask me, “Don’t you miss the camaraderie of an office” or “How do you stay focused when you work from home?” Yes, what I do (writing) can be isolating, but I just schedule some social time — a class at the gym, or lunch with a friend. As to the latter question, I find working at home less distracting than working in an office environment, where there’s a lot of noise and interruptions. I have a separate home office, with windows on three sides. When I close the door, I can easily shut out the rest of the world and write, uninterrupted, for 4 or 6 hours at a stretch.




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  1. What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

    As an entrepreneur, my biggest challenge has always been financial. Where to get the money to startup your business? Banks wont lend you the money if you don’t have good income or credit score, and you need to prove income from a business for the past 2 years. Not very many people have extra money to lend to you, I don’t have rich parents I can go to for money. I have found also looking for “new clients.” Obstacles come your way that you need to face without fear. It would be nice to meet an Angel Investor.

    What would be your best tip to a woman just leaving college and entering the workforce?

    Don’t be afraid to take risks as you are still young and have a whole good 20 years ahead of you. Now is the time to make mistakes while you are young. Don’t take anything for granted, don’t be embarrassed to ask help, get a mentor, be patient as things don’t come to you right away.

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