Wisdom For The Young

mentor young women

We asked our featured member of the month to share some wisdom with young women.  The question that we asked is:

“What stage of life was the most challenging for you as a working woman?”
My answer here is not very original: the child-rearing years. When my son, who’s now a high schooler, was young, I tried every work arrangement I could think of: working full-time at a company, working 3 days/week in a job-share arrangement, teleworking for an organization whose management was committed to providing as much flexibility to its workforce as possible. I was always battling something — guilt over spending too many hours at work, resentment from co-workers (and supervisors) who viewed part-time employees as somehow lesser, or companies who on paper valued work/life balance but whose corporate culture rewarded those who put the job above all else. Though now being my own boss and setting my own hours makes the juggle easier, it’s still uncool for me to tell a client I can’t make a meeting because I have to pick my son up from an after-school activity. I think our society has a long way to go before we resolve the ambivalence we seem to have over working mothers.



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